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I was an expat wife

Cross-cultural training improves skills that lead to expatriate satisfaction, including intercultural competence and effective interpersonal communication.

Intercultural training is a multidisciplinary field that emerged after the end of WWII. From the pioneering work of organizations such as the US Foreign Service Institute and the Peace Corps, to the current research emphasis on corporate training for managers on expatriate assignment, a great deal of effort has gone into improving intercultural communication skills and adjustment.

Cross-Cultural Training Encourages Realistic Expectations of Expat Life

Black and Gregersen, in “The Other Half of the Picture: Antecedents of Spouse Cross-Cultural Adjustment,” define cross-cultural adjustment as “psychological comfort with various aspects of a host country.” It comprises three dimensions: work adjustment, interaction adjustment with host country nationals, and general adjustment to the foreign culture. Although many factors affect overall expatriate adjustment in a new environment, numerous studies have suggested that cross-cultural training (CCT) can contribute significantly…

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