Intercultural Trip Israel 2012

Visiting the great Israeli Artist, Menashe Kadishman at his home and Atelier in Tel Aviv.

560627_120859904714451_1315111138_n 34718_120859844714457_2062539485_n 546378_120859658047809_16386044_n 529819_120859488047826_1456060937_n 398786_120858461381262_641695870_n 553203_120858278047947_434596703_n


527501_120860224714419_993043576_n 380645_120860144714427_1093006400_n 575245_120860104714431_1133966219_n

Dead Sea

553325_120858061381302_340443936_n 579181_120858001381308_1949627156_n

Meeting the “Arvut Social Movement”

562713_120857031381405_1979066712_n 562547_120856778048097_532989832_n

The Market

561238_120867891380319_1770952211_n 556150_120867834713658_823514263_n

Intercultural Dinner



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