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About Intercultural Communication, Diversity and Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and how to communicate effectively in a global world.

Not always are we aware of how our communication determines the results of a meeting, but it definitely does.

We learned during our childhood that pretty and ugly, good and bad, logical and illogical, normal and abnormal are absolute values. Less of us learned that precisely these common values are solely a matter of culture and with culture it also means other gender, age, inland location, academic degree…

Those values go back generations and are installed in our brains. Our brain doesn’t like to change them, so finally, we know what we know and are sure, good is good and bad is bad. But is it really?

The same time this happens to us, it also happens to people from other cultures. Just the values are different from ours and in many times, contrary. What one might think is normal is completely unacceptable for the other, and both believe to be “the common sense owner”.

In our globalized society the need to communicate with different cultures has drastically grown over time and will continue to do so for the years to come.
We communicate all the time, also when we don’t communicate. We do that through dress‐code, non­‐verbal communication, timing, etc. So, what can we do to communicate effectively in so a diverse world?

My tip… Start with knowing and understanding yourself. Do you know your values? Do you know which values you “hate”? Do you know your work style? How do you react in case you misunderstand others? Just to name a few questions. Take the time to answer honestly and leave political correctness for later.

Remember… our brain doesn’t like to change its values, so start by being tolerant towards yourself. Trough training, experience and knowledge you will be able to achieve Intercultural skills. Achieving Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is not just possible but also a great experience.

So If you want to become a better negotiator or/and communicate more effectively across cultural borders, add Cultural Intelligence to your leadership competences, Manage successful multicultural teams and be able to reach foreign customers more effectively.

Our Intercultural Communication seminars and consulting sessions will help you be more productive, save time, money and frustrations, improve employee and customer satisfaction and empower your teams.

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