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 HR Products

Company Human Capital in the global era

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“90 percent of leading executives from sixty-eight countries named cross-cultural leadership as the top management challenge”

D. Livemore. Leading with CQ.  Amacom, 2009

The Intercultural Communication Center was established in 2012 with the objective to add Intercultural Intelligence in the global organizations and train leaders and international workers to become intercultural aware and effective in their fields.

Cross-cultural differences impact every function of an organization and its people. Being intercultural competent is defined as being able to positively interact with people, co-workers and external stakeholders of different cultures.

Survey data from over 1000 Senior Executives across 40 nations identified a lack of high quality talent that can operate in multiple cultures as the greatest challenge facing global organizations. CEO briefings (2006, 2007)

As the demand for cosmopolitan human capital exceeds its supply, it is vital for firms to develop such global talent internally in order to sustain its competitive advantage.

Just as educated parents are able to create a home environment that transmits values and habits to their children to aid them academically, we propose that organizations that possess global culture capital provide a work environment that fosters the development of human capital through the process of situated learning (Brown et al. 1989; Lave and Wenger 1991)

2 different approaches to Intercultural Communication

zahnrad grünIf you want to become a better negotiator and / or communicate more effectively, our Intercultural  Communication seminars and consulting sessions will help you build cultural intelligence and competence, will increase your productivity, save time   and money, improve employee and customer satisfaction and empower your teams.

zahnrad blauIf you want to get a little polishing about different rituals, our Culture Specific Trainings will give you the information you need about one specific culture.

Our Clients

zahnrad gelb
HR Professionals 

Choose your international work force effectively, train for international proficiency, assess Intercultural Communication skills, learn about generations’ culture (X,Y, Flux) and make value from that knowledge.

Intercultural Intelligence is one of the basics in HR. Assessment, training and team coordination are fundamental HR tools. One of the common misconceptions is to mix up “Ethan/Culture- knowledge” and “Cultural Intelligence”. One of the reasons why only certified Interculturalists should submit professional training in the field is that Intercultural Intelligence is proved one of the most important work-force pillars.

zahnrad rotInternational Leaders

Develop “Intercultural Intelligence (CQ)” One of the fundamental skills international leaders should not overlook and will make them so much more efficient.  CQ is assessed like Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) and can be taught and improved.

zahnrad blauInternational teams / Virtual Teams / International Projects

Build profitable workforces. Often virtual teams remain inefficient and act as a source for conflicts, while Project Managers are unaware from the fact that 73% of these conflicts are culture oriented. International and Virtual Teams coordination is a must for international projects success.

zahnrad grün
Intercultural Customer Relationship Management (ICRM)

Customize sales, according to cultures. Just to get some information about your customer’s culture will not help you when you are unaware of your own culture. Learning how you influence your customers and to manage that influence is fundamental for increasing sales.

zahnrad gelbDiplomats

Improve Communication. Diplomats understand that communication is the basis of their work. Achieving Intercultural Intelligence is a  way to secure switching between cultural attitudes.

zahnrad blauMultinational Companies DOM (Diversity Office Management)

Build a Diversity Office. Since Intercultural Communication affects most aspects of a global company, the cheapest solution for it is to have in-house assistance concerning IC issues such as Company Culture Management, Intercultural Marketing, Training, Assessments, Relocation assistance and IC conflict-solutions.

Our Methods

zahnrad grün

zahnrad blauWorkshops – Seminars

zahnrad gelbRegular training 

zahnrad rotOne to one consulting

zahnrad grünAssessments 

zahnrad gelbResearches 

zahnrad rotCustomer journey

Which method would be the best for you and your team will become clear during our first Path Definition Meeting.

Intercultural Communication


Are you leading the project or is the project leading you?

A well-managed diverse workforce is a principal success factor, but if managed wrong it will become a principal failure potential. 70% percent of all mergers and acquisitions fail to meet their objectives due to cultural clashes.

Our seminars and workshops will acquire you expertise in the following fields.

zahnrad rotDevelop Intercultural Communication Competence with internal and external customers.

zahnrad grünRecognize the subjective culture, values, beliefs and behaviors. How do other people see me, and my culture? Develop cultural Self-awareness.

zahnrad gelbDefine company culture (Corporate identity), Etiquettes, Cultures Specific Trainings gfvgvkvghkvjgvkhvhgvhgvhgvhgvhvhv

zahnrad blauHow do I work with Intercultural Customers? Intercultural CRM.hfchgfcjgcjhgchjghgvgjvhkgvjhgvjhgjvhgvjhgvhgvhg

zahnrad grünKnow how much a virtual team costs. Turn it in an effective and expedient workforce.


In the Consulting Journey we will analyze and define the Company’s Culture and outgoing communications. We will increase effective communication in your in-house-teams, your virtual teams and with your external stakeholders. Together we will take the road to global success by achieving intercultural capacities that will affect the bottom line.

Unfortunately often companies call when international projects are already locked. They should have understood that the reason is a lack of healthy communication in their teams.

We will go through a diagnostic journey, detect the issues, develop strategies and implement solutions.


1. List of Conferences

zahnrad rotIntercultural Communication and Diversity & Inclusion: One or the other?

zahnrad grünDifferent Generations working together: The new challenge.

zahnrad gelbGetting CQ (Cultural Intelligence) or leave the game.

zahnrad blauTeaming and Voicing: “Every team is multicultural”

zahnrad grünIntercultural Leaders, Virtual Leaders.

zahnrad rotWorking with other cultures? “I don’t have that problem; I treat them all like Israeli’s!” Are they really…?

2. List of Seminars and Workshops

zahnrad rotGet CQ (Cultural Intelligence) and survive the global challenge.

zahnrad grünInteractive Training Strategies

zahnrad gelbHuman Performance Technology

zahnrad rotManaging Multicultural Teams

zahnrad blau

Culture Specific Trainings – Etiquette

zahnrad gelb

Intercultural Management and Leadership

zahnrad grün

Corporate Culture

3. Regular support and one on one consulting (in virtual format as well)

zahnrad rotGlobal Project Support

zahnrad blau

Intercultural Leadership Support. Building CQ (Cultural Intelligence)

zahnrad gelb

Intercultural Teams Support

zahnrad grün

Change Management Support

4. Assessments

zahnrad gelbCQ Assessments

zahnrad grünIDI Assessments

5. Researches

zahnrad rotChange Management – Establish the new culture

zahnrad blau

Corporate Culture

zahnrad gelb


zahnrad grün

Ask us for past research information.

6. Customer Journey

The goal of Customer Journeys is to improve the Customer Experience and achieve better bottom line results. We will be in the roll of the customer (or employee) for a specific time and discover, experience, analyze and inform facts to adapt items toward better results or solve issues.

The customer Journey is a very powerful assessment method that will effectively help you solve problems and reach goals.

7. Intercultural Training for International Assignments

zahnrad rotKids Training

zahnrad blau

Teen Training

zahnrad gelb

Adults Training

zahnrad grün

Spouse Training

zahnrad rotSingle Expat

Our training is built of 4 steps

zahnrad blau

Knowledge: Learn vital information about cultural issues that are relevant to this assignment.

zahnrad gelb

Awareness: Be aware of the role of culture in business and social relationships

zahnrad grün

Drive: Build motivation and self-confidence for the International assignment

zahnrad blau

 Skills to action: Develop the skills to engage in effective, flexible leadership and for successful adaptation to life and work.


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