Today’s world is characterized by an ever-growing number of contacts resulting in communication between people of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. In all these contacts, there is communication, which needs to be as constructive as possible without misunderstandings and breakdowns.

For the modern business leader to succeed in a competitive 21st Century cross-border environment it requires high level of CQ – cultural Intelligence – and global leadership competence.

A well-managed diverse workforce is a principal success factor, if manage wrong a principal failure potential. 70% percent of all mergers and acquisitions fail to meet their objectives due to cultural clashes.


You will learn:

  • To develop Intercultural Communication Competence with internal and external customers
  • Recognize the subjective culture. Values, beliefs, behaviors. How do other people see me, and my culture?
  • Define Company culture -Company identity- toward successfully projects.
  • Objective culture. Culture specific social science. Etiquette.
  • How do I work with Intercultural Customers? Intercultural CRM.
  • Develop cultural Self-awareness.
  • Integrate. Resolve the multicultural identity.

Ask us to define your Seminar                                                                                                            Assessment Cultural Competence Systems are available any time.


In the Consulting Journey we will analyze and define the Company’s Culture and outgoing communications towards successful ventures. We will increase effective communication of your teams in house and with your external stakeholders. We will follow together the way to global success and achieving intercultural capacities using your specific cases to the bottom line.

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